Central Athlete is proud to present: Centurion The event is open to anyone who is interested in maximzing the breadth of their fitness. This will test clients and give them insight into their fitness and how they might improve upon their flexibility, conditioning, muscular endurance, skill and strength. Upon completion of the events athletes will … More Centurion

Tuesday 5/24

A: Power Clean + Hang Clean + Clean; E2M x 6 (3 or less reps on NME test) B: Back Squat @3010; 2-3 x 4; rest 2 min (4 or more reps on NME test) B: Back Squat @3010; 4-5 x 3; rest 2 min C: Strict PressĀ @2020; 10-12 x 2; rest 60-90s D: Accumulate … More Tuesday 5/24