“I have had a LOT of trainers and coaches over the years and without question, Justin Krause defines himself with a unique focus on quality of movement and the basics of what it takes to get to the next level. This already makes him an exceptional asset in building a better body every day.

What takes Justin into a completely different category of coaching, though, is his attention to the person inside the body. By challenging athletes with the important, and often overlooked question of ‘Why are you doing this,’ Justin connects the athlete mentally and emotionally to the effort. This makes for higher highs (PR Baby!) and proves invaluable in pushing through the lows – which inevitably every athlete encounters. I would not have found this connection to training without Justin and it will stick with me for a lifetime.”

– Todd Frederking

“I just thought I would take a second to tell you how much I have enjoyed training with you so far. I have really enjoyed the programming. I love that I can see the plan and progressions and can notice the incremental differences in everything already. Even though you are in a whole other country, I always feel super supported. So thanks! It was definitely a great move for me!”

– Steph Spencer

“Justin’s ability to respond to my goals and program in a way that is diverse, fun, and moves me in the right direction has been amazing. It has made the last eight months of training absolutely enjoyable because I can see purpose behind everything I do, instead of something that feels like a shotgun approach to fitness.”

– Craig Boneau